Forty Second Riddle

I heal the conflicts between man and man, man and self, and man and nature. I cannot be forced or coexist with pride. I can travel beyond the grave. I am sweeter to the soul than honey to the taste. Families, towns, cities, and nations may destroy themselves over centuries unless they embrace me. I … More Forty Second Riddle

Forty First Riddle

People think that they want me, but I am horrible when I show up. The person I attack cannot be pleased nor can he escape me though he should travel over continents and between planets. I afflict inwardly the weak, the foolish, and trouble the physcially active who lack wisdom. I push many to action, … More Forty First Riddle

Fortieth Riddle

I season food better than all spices, but also tempt people to sin.  I have caused men, women, and children to die. My enemy is your daily bread. I am worst when I cannot be satisfied physically. I am often a close companion of monks, the impoverished, and supermodels. What am I?

Thirty Ninth Riddle

I crush the physically strong and the physically weak with equal ease. Only animals are ever under my power. I am an evil necessary for the fundamental cardinal virtue to shine forth. I can sicken my victim’s stomach and paralyze him or her. I make hearts race, prevent good deeds, but can also save life … More Thirty Ninth Riddle

Thirty Eighth Riddle

I am thin, but my companion is thinner no matter the length. I bind holes, mend what has been separated, and can leave flowers, names, or strange designs behind me. I travel quickly or  slowly, regularly or irregularly, in straight line or crossed depending on the skill, health, and purpose of the one wielding me. … More Thirty Eighth Riddle